KLM Consulting Services (KLMCS) is a multi-disciplinary consulting company, specializing in mine dewatering, slope depressurization and management of water resources. KLMCS was established in 1989 and is a recognized leader in the field of water supply and mine-dewatering in Southern Africa. It is an expanding, highly specialized company, continually striving to offer clients innovative technology to achieve cost effective, appropriate designs for village, municipal, mine and industry.

Dr Kym Morton is the founder and Managing Director and has over 37 years’ experience in consulting on ground water projects. The large number of successful projects completed by the company is testimony to her and the staff’s technical ability. In 2006, KLMCS Botswana was established by KLMCS South Africa, in partnership with Botswana citizens to provide expert groundwater consulting services to the Botswana mining industry. In 2010 a Scottish office was opened.



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KLMCS is committed to providing the most applicable technology for solving ground water problems. Our Clients are assured of complete dedication to accurate collection of relevant data, presentation of information and of performing cost-effective analysis, so as to increase knowledge, meet their needs and improve their profitability.



Our services include ground water resource assessment; mine dewatering design and application; ground water supply; pollution control and remediation. Emphasis is on using tried and tested techniques developed by KLMCS, so as to reduce costs and improve ground water control and utilization. Techniques developed on mining projects are transferred to development projects in remote areas. KLMCS recognises the need to achieve a balance between industrial development and environmental responsibility. Our vision is to continue serving the mining and industrial sector, providing feasible, environmentally sound solutions and expanding our services to include the implementation of remedial techniques as required.

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Hydrogeologists Without Borders UK



Hydrogeologists Without Borders UK (HWB-UK) is an organisation of hydrogeologists and groundwater professionals who donate their time and expertise to alleviate poverty through the better use and management of groundwater resources.

HWB-UK's international network of members provides technical assistance to humanitarian organisations, both through direct input and by facilitating the contracting of local hydrogeological expertise. HWB-UK also supports the development of groundwater related teaching and training programmes within developing countries.

For more information on the work that HWB-UK undertakes please visit the website: www.hydrogeologistswithoutborders.org.uk